Specialist financing to support your cash flow needs

Companies often have capital tied up within their debtors or work in progress

At Blaise Commercial Finance, we work with a number of lenders to provide the most efficient and suitable package to meet your company needs


Blaise Commercial Finance has access to a number of invoice finance providers, allowing you to raise funds against invoices which are discounted by a set percentage, using the unpaid invoices as security. Funding of up to 90% of the value of outstanding invoices can be raised to provide a working capital facility that can grow with the business and is not restricted by the value of other assets.

An Invoice Finance facility can also be a very useful funding tool for buyouts or acquisitions.

There are several different types of invoice financing:

Factoring – the lender releases cash against your debtor book and they are responsible for collecting the debt

Confidential Invoice Discounting – the lender releases cash against your debtor book but you remain responsible for collecting the debt 

Construction Finance – the lender releases cash against your debtor book or applications that have been certified. This can be provided as a disclosed (Factoring) facility or confidential (CID) facility