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At Blaise Commercial Finance, we recognise that the property market moves quickly and sometimes a bridging loan is required to assist with a purchase. 

We can provide you with access to funders who are able to provide prompt support to assist you, providing you with a quick solution to short term finance

Types of Bridging Finance

Short term finance solutions

A bridging loan facility is a short-term loan to raise funds required to ‘bridge’ the time between either a refinance or sale of a property.

They are typically more expensive than other forms of property finance, to reflect the increased risk taken by the lender and given the short-term nature of the facility.


Bridging loans can be delivered quickly by the specialist lenders who have the processes in place to do so.

Benefits of bridging loans

  • Commonly used for funding refurbishments of buildings. For example when upgrading existing residential property, or converting commercial to residential. 

  • They can allow you to take advantage of acquisition opportunities prior to disposal of existing assets

  • They can be utilised by companies and individuals for a wide variety of purposes where funding can be tailored to your individual requirements.

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