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Blaise Commercial Finance is growing - Meet the latest member of our team.

Updated: Mar 6, 2020

Tony Wilson joined us during the second half of last year and has since been very busy meeting new clients in the Bristol area.

Tony comes to us from Beer & Young , where has was an Equity Finance Associate, but he has also run his own business consultancy firm, Tony Wilson Consulting. 

Over the last 20+ years, Tony has worked across London, the Thames Valley and the South Coast with companies such as Child & Co, Citigroup and Hadwin Garrick. As a result, we now have blossoming relationships with a diverse selection of new lenders - which will only be of great benefit to our clients. 

As well as broadening our base of lender contacts, Tony brings with him a wealth of knowledge in the area of Strategic Business Development and looks forward to discussing exciting business opportunities with both existing and future clients.

On a more personal note, when Tony is not at work, he enjoys an outdoor lifestyle and you can often find him on the golf course, cycling or skiing

If you or anyone you know needs assistance with Commercial Finance for any kind of business development don’t hesitate to give him a call.

You can reach Tony on  07970 802 071 or by emailing him at Why not drop him a line to say hi?
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